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About us

    The first memories of my childhood are closely linked to my father's Pointers. Very early in my life, I learned of the affection and unconditional loyalty of dogs. I always loved and enjoyed them. If something I would have to reproach, is that their short existence prevent us the enjoyment of their company for more time.

   I am a retired Architect from Cuba and my husband was a college professor in Cuba and worked as a Spanish Teacher in New York City, until his retirement in 2008, when we moved to Cape Coral, Florida.

   During 16 years, Linda, a beautiful Cocker Spaniel, accompanied us in our life. We brought Linda from Cuba in 1994. She rests for ever in the Pet Meadow Memorial Park, in Hamilton, New Jersey.

   The loss of Linda was so painful for us that we were convinced that we could not withstand a new loss and therefore we decided not to parent a new dog; however, we love the idea of temporary care of dogs that in the absence of their owners have a special need for love and care, like we gave to our unforgettable Linda.

That is why we decided to take care in our home of a dog or a family of dogs while their owners are traveling. In order to provide this service we have a membership as host in DogVacay.

   We both have licenses of the city of Cape Coral and the Lee County of Florida to provide our dog care.


Home About us Linda Guests Reviews Rates